FAA Domain Blocked by Server

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If you find that FAA is blocked at a public wifi location, there is something you can do about it to help yourself and rest of your fellow members.

Recently while working using a public Wifi service http://icenetwireless.com I found that I could not access http://fineartamerica.com/
IceNet serves City of Ottawa buildings in their public spaces (and more). I managed to have this changed by simply going to http://icenetwireless.com and clicking on the contact link and writing the following polite note:

"The domain fineartamerica.com is blocked on your servers. Could this be unblocked please? It is a venue for sale of art work at which a number
of local artists participate."

Within a couple of days I received the following reply:
"Sorry about the inconvenience, We saved the website in our White list now, you should be able to access it."

It was a quick fix that didn't need to involve FAA and it probably helped by originating from a third party.